About Us

OBDANIS started its business life in textile and real estate sectors. In a very short time more here our company gained the trust of our clients with quality products and with the services we offer.

The roots of our real estate business goes to 1970’s. Starting from 1990’s, with the company’s enterprising policies, OBDANIS focused on advertising, foreign trade and construction sectors.

In year 1999, we established our UAE Office in Dubai as a real estate consultant for Middle-Eastern investors interested in Turkey.

The following year in 2000, we opened our China Office to serve our clients with better quality products from a wide array of suppliers to serve full line of construction materials to projects in CIS countries where we already had permanent business for several years as successful subcontractor for various projects.

Lastly, in year 2008, we established our office Algeria.

Since 2009, we have been serving to our clients from our headquarters in Dubai in scope of 7 major business sectors:

Construction, Project Football Jerseys Development, Foreign Trade, Architectural Design, IT & Advertising, Consulting, Project Based Purchasing & Logistic Management, e-trade.

OBDANIS reinforced its position as premium solution provider by means of its operational speed, advanced custom tailored services for wide range of valuable clients.