Our Vision, Mission

Are dynamic. They attach importance to innovation and creativity, are committed to research and development, and reject bureaucracy, defeatism, and resistance to change.
Bear a sense of responsibility towards society. They are respectful of the environment and strive to create material and moral added value for all their stakeholders.
Are committed to national values out of an awareness of the importance of deriving strength and meaning from the past as they advance down the path that leads to the future. The identify with family and moral values and oppose bigotry and reactionism.
Believe that the key to success is productive, disciplined, planned effort.
Are respected, consistent, strong, honest, and trustworthy.
Believe in the power of teamwork, synergy, and communication to create a pleasant working environment.
Are customer-focused. They identify the market’s needs and expectations and guide their production accordingly.
Give importance to cleanliness and orderliness. They encourage frugality and combat wastefulness.
Give importance to people. They support sharing and reject selfishness and greed.